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Constant evolution

Thankfully, Michael Unwin Wines has been able to keep providing the community with quality, locally produced wine – albeit it with some changes in operations – throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

We first threw open the the doors of the Ballarat Winery and Cellar Door in February 2020, about 5 weeks before the first wave of restrictions came into place. From that point, we could no longer offer the tastings for which we are renowned and a lot of the restaurants and bars we supply to had to close, so it is fair to say, it wasn’t the grand opening period we were anticipating.


With restrictions gradually easing, we are excited to once again be able to offer wine tastings in our cellar door. Sarah, Josh and Mark (and occasionally Mike, when he comes in from the elements!) are excited to once again be able to talk to wine enthusiasts about our different vintages, or to help new-to-wine drinkers find a style that suits their palate.

There has been much talk about our winery on Remembrance Drive, ever since we turned the first sod of soil. There are many more sods to turn, so we invite locals and visitors from Regional Victoria to pop out regularly to see the progress of the property, taste the latest vintages on offer, or indulge in a bottle of wine with family or friends, accompanied with a cheese platter of local produce and take in the ever changing surroundings.

Our property spans across 100 acres. In addition to the three sheds (which make up the cellar door, bottling line, barrel room, winemaker’s tasting area and storage), we are always busy planting new vines, as well as a number of other trees and plants that contribute to the aesthetics but more importantly, to the natural eco-system, to maintain the health of soil which in turn, yields our quality grapes.

When you are visiting our winery – Ballarat’s own winery – take into consideration that is it an ever evolving destination. With the combination of being newly established at the Ballarat site, the constant change in Government regulated restrictions and the vast amount of space that we have available to us, we are always in a state of evolution.