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We’re growing silver

Prior to colonisation, the Victorian Volcanic Plains (an area of 2.3 million hectares that stretches across south West Victoria from Melbourne to Portland – encompassing the land on which the winery sits), was once home to a native plant species known as Silver Banksia (Banksia marginata).  But as a result of logging and grazing, by 1935 the plant was almost extinct.

The silver banksia is an integral part of the local history, but it is also vital in local ecology because of the plants ability to collect and concentrate phosphorus.

Friends of Forgotten Woodlands (FOFW) is a volunteer group of scientists, natural resource manager, farmers and others with a keen interest in propagating and re-establishing key species are working to rebuild woodland communities.

Mike and a team from FOFW have planted thousands of silver banksia at the winery, which will not only help our soil, but also contribute to the long-term survival of the species and become a seed orchard for future plantings. They will continue to plant group plantings around the vineyards.

Mike and his staff are more than happy for visitors to explore the property to learn more about this venture and see the development of the silver banksias.